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Le Caprice de clémentine

AOP Côtes de Provence - 2021

Share a moment of sunny joy with Le Caprice de Clémentine. A lovely colour with touches of pale yellow. An expressive tart, iodized nose. A fully-bodied attack followed by a robust finish. The ideal companion for evenings with friends on the water’s edge or at a bar with some tapas. This wine celebrates cocktail hour in Provence

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1 x 75 cl

11,90 €

3 x 75 cl

35,70 €

6 x 75 cl

71,40 €

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Average age of vines

30 years


Rolle, Ugni blanc

Tasting temperature


Culture mode

Traditional method with continuous cultivation


Traditional method

Time to keep

2 years

Food and

Sea urchins, oysters, shrimp or any other seafood