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Discover the cuvées of Château Les Valentines: rosé wines, white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, boxes and discovery offers.

r o s é

Rosé Wines

We make 5 rosé wines : Château Les Valentines, our emblematic rosé full of spices and minerality, with ECOCERT organic certification, Le Grand Huit Rosé, under the La Londe terroir denomination, a powerful gourmet mineral wine. Le Caprice de Clémentine, a rich, fruit-forward rosé. L’Effronté.e, a fresh, charming thirst-quenching rosé and Miss Valentine in its pretty original bottle. The terroir often dominates the grape varieties, as the pine and scrubland environment tinges the juices with aromas of fennel, anise, dried herbs and tree strawberries. Our wines are delicate and pale in colour, with a fresh, airy nose juggling (depending on the year) with notes of citrus and exotic fruits.

Château Les Valentines  rosé
Château Les Valentines  rosé
Le Caprice de Clémentine
Le Grand 8
b l a   n c

White Wines

We make three white wines: Château Les Valentines, our emblematic white wine under the Côtes de Provence La Londe appellation, made with Ugni Blanc old vines (more than 100 years old), Rolle and Clairette, for elegance and minerality, citrus and exotic fruits. Heady notes of lime, lychee and ginger make it a great rich, fresh and distinctive white. Le Grand Huit Blanc, a gourmet wine under the La Londe terroir denomination marked by its roundness and delicacy, like a touch of Burgundy in Provence... Le Caprice de Clémentine, an everyday aromatic white with notes of lemon zest, celebrating Provence which comes to life at cocktail hour.

Château Les Valentines  blanc
Le Caprice de clémentine white
Le Grand Huit Blanc
r o u   g e

Red Wines

We have always prioritized the use of the great red varietals of Provence. The diversity of grapes used in winemaking and the strength of the terroir produce complex, full-bodied reds associated with an aromatic palate dominated by spices. Discover our five red wines, each with its own highly engaging character: Château Les Valentines, Le Caprice de Clémentine, La Gourmande, La Punition and Bagnard.

Château les valentines red
Le Caprice de clémentine red
La Punition
La Gourmande
e f f     e r     v e s c e n t

Sparkling Wines

Bulles by Les Valentines is a sparkling wine made using a method special.We blend our choicest Cinsault and Rolle grapes to express the full delicacy expected of a festive wine. The Provençal method then involves bottling the basic wine in Champagne-style bottles to preserve the character of our rosé with no ingredients added.On the palate, you will discover the characteristic aromas of a Château Les Valentines rosé – citrus, berries, anise and garrigue – suddenly enriched with thousands of small, fresh light bubbles.

Bulles By Les Valentines