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Château les valentines

AOP Côtes de Provence - 2019

The diversity of grapes used in winemaking and the strength of the terroir produce complex, full-bodied reds associated with an aromatic palate dominated by spices. Château Les Valentines Rouge possesses a fresh, crisp nose with aromatic notes of violet, liquorice and creme de cassis. On the palate, toasted flavours add complexity to a wine dominated by dried herbs, rosemary, the garrigue and ripe fruit. Tannic overtones delivered along with lovely minerality. This red is emblematic of the Provence wine region and can be enjoyed young and rich or set aside to mature for six or seven years.

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Average age of vines

60 years


Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cabernet-Sauvignon et Carignan

Tasting temperature


Culture mode

Intensive cultivation, certified organic by ECOCERT


Matured in 80 hectolitre tapered oak vats and in 228 litre Burgundy barrels from Tronçais Forest

Time to keep

7-10 years

Food and

Beef cheek in a casserole, slow cooked leg of lamb, or game